Why Eating Before Going To Bed Is Bad

You would be hard-pressed to find a person who doesn’t get hungry before going to bed. Most people tend to want to eat right before they go to sleep. Still, the evidence on whether or not you should eat before bed is still controversial. Some argue that it is good for you, others do not.

The effects it has varies, depending on the individual as well as other factors. It also depends on exactly what it is that you are eating. Some foods can help a person to sleep and relax. Others, can cause numerous problems though. Nonetheless, eating before bed can lead to unhealthy habits in the long run. The bottom line is that there are more reasons why you should not eat before going to bed, than why you should do so.


For many people in America, and around the world, not being able to fall asleep, is a common problem. To make matters worse, drinking or eating excessively during the night, can add to those issues. Caffeine and alcohol can increase insomnia; especially when you get close to bedtime. At the same time though, if you go to bed while you are hungry, you can also have problems sleeping. The best bet is to balance it out. Have a snack before going to bed. But, make sure it is a healthy snack which has protein and carbohydrates. Cereal and mil help promote calmness.


Most people who eat before going to bed will typically lie down right after. But, whenever you lie down with a full stomach, it can disrupt your digestive process. In turn, that often leads to indigestion. There is even a condition you can develop from eating with a full stomach at night. It is called Gastro Esophageal Reflux Disease (GERD).

Weight Gain

The myth that any calories you consume before going to bed will cause weight gain, is wrong. The fact is that we all have a certain amount of calories we should not go over during a 24-hour period. So no matter what time you eat, the trick is to not go over the allotted calories per day. But, most of the people who eat at night, tend to eat unhealthy foods. They binge on snacks and foods which are high in calories and fat. Cookies, ice cream, potato chips and the likes. These are not only bad for you, but they can also lead to weigh gain.


When acidic stomach contents rise back up into our esophagus, the end result is heartburn. This typically happens right after we eat. The burning and tight sensation in the chest area is quite distressful. If you eat before going to bed and lie down, it can be a problem. Doing so will either trigger heartburn or make the ailment worse. Avoid eating garlic-flavored foods or those that are too spicy, late at night. Plus, overeating can have the same effect. As well as eating fried foods, fatty or highly acidic foods. Orange juice and tomato sauce can also lead to heartburn.

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